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    Our environment

    Our quality

    The certified production processes for our entire portfolio guarantee great quality which sets standards. As a responsible behaving and producing company we have the task to acknowledge quality, environmental aspects, safety and the protection of health.

    We use the international valid standards, customer-specific requirements and an integrated occupational safety management as our basics.

    ISO 9001

    In the year 2000 BHK introduced a management system called „DIN ISO 9001“, which controls areas like environment, quality and occupational safety.

    BHK follows a newly established process model which developed into a lively system due to several internal audits. A lot of internal processes were optimized and made more transparent for the people involved working in the factory and for visitors. Nowadays these certificates are required proof for produced goods.

    The ISO 9001 certification takes place every year. These recommendations are important hints for the further development and improvement of our processes.

    ISO 50001

    We are using active energy management systems according to ISO 50001 and are looking to continuously improve the energy-related performance of our company.

    We convert biogenic fuels into energy and warmth with the help of our biomass power plant.

    Environment / Compliance

    We take full responsibility for working according to the government-issued requirements. While fulfilling these requirements we also contribute to the early realization of danger for people or the environment.

    Sustainable forestry

    Our forests do not only fulfil economic or social tasks, they also offer recreation.

    Therefore, the support of sustainable forestry is very important to us.

    We commit ourselves to do our best to avoid illegal forestry and the violation of traditional or civil rights. We want to prevent the threats that particularly worth protecting forests are exposed to.

    Every BHK location is certified as part of the Chain-of-Custody, which operates according to „FSC“ and „PEFC“ standards.

    Depending on availability we are also able to deliver „FSC“ or „PEFC“ certified products.

    Watch out for FSC®-certified products!


    REACH is an abbreviation for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals. It is an EU-regulation (no. 1907/2006/EC) which was put into place on the 1st of June, 2007 to centralize and simplify chemical law in Europe.

    REACH is based on individual responsibility. It says that chemicals can only be brought into circulation if there is a record which includes the corresponding ingredients. REACH collects all chemicals which are produced in European countries with a quantity of at least one ton per year. The same goes for chemicals which have been imported into Europe. These have to be registered at the agency of chemicals in Helsinki.

    Our company has dealt with REACH intensively and is very much aware of the challenge. We work along the guidelines issued by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). BHK is neither a manufacturer nor an importer with the duty of registration; instead, we act as a downstream user.

    As a manufacturer of interior work products and furniture parts we need an assurance of our suppliers that the used raw materials are registered and evaluated to comply with the EU chemical standards.

    We contacted our suppliers to get confirmation about the conformity of the produced goods to be in line with the REACH guidelines.

    To this day we can confirm that the substances listed in the candidate list (concentration of more than 0.1 mass percentage in the product) are not part of the products of our suppliers due to the recipe. At the introduction of every new raw material, we routinely ask about the existence of dangerous ingredients.

    We hereby declare that information about included SVHC is mandatory according to REACH and has to be provided by the suppliers. In the event of a breach the supplier will be punishable.