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    Our philosophy

    We value every detail, in every area

    BHK is an owner-managed, medium-sized industrial company with tradition.

    Since our founding wood has been the key point of our entrepreneurial work as pioneers of wood wrapping technology.

    Our customers are very diverse and extend from the furniture industry to regular craft businesses.

    Our guiding principles:

    • Due to our capital resources which we obtain through the profit-driven work of our employees we are able to secure our future with healthy, sustainable and environmentally friendly growth.
    • We are a successful, down-to-earth and manageable company. The implementation of our philosophy contributes to our future success.
    • We are active internationally to stay competitive in the long term. The close collaboration with our locations abroad combined with the use of synergies guarantee us decisive advantages compared to our competition.
    • As a modern company we are open to changes. We take advantage of technological developments, use the chance of progress and invest in new technologies to secure our future and preserve the environment.
    • Security and the protection of health are self-understanding for us and are important contributions to our success as a company.